You don’t have pets, you have fur-children!  They are just as important as anyone else in your family and your life is not complete without them.  Question is when you travel do you want your precious animal locked in a cold cage or stuck with people they don't know? Or maybe you have not been traveling at all because you don't want to leave your pet. Like me, perhaps you avoid going to the places you long to visit because you're single, divorced or widowed traveler. I was THAT person.

…and so Jet Set Paws Travel Experts was born.

We are simply fellow animal loving, paw parents that want to help you have one of kind travel experiences and dream vacations you never thought possible. No matter if it's a dog, cat, pig or goldfish, we will find you the PURRFECT pet inclusive destination.

Photo by Chad Baker/Jason Reed/Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images

Photo by Chad Baker/Jason Reed/Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images

Photo by Drewzshots/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Drewzshots/iStock / Getty Images

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Photo by Eduardo1961/iStock / Getty Images

Carrie Ballard- Owner and Senior Paw-Cation designer.

Carrie Ballard is the creator of Jet Paws Travel Experts.  Traveling since birth and being blessed to have a mother who designed hotel rooms, she quickly feel in love with places around the globe and the accommodations that followed. In elementary school she would go into travel agencies and collect every brochure she could get her hand on and For birthday presents she would ask for vacations rather than clothes! Growing into adulthood any time she could get up and go, she got up and went!

Carrie decided to get travel agent certification at Dublin Travel Careers in Columbus, Ohio and later went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts from Cedar Crest College, in Allentown, PA. At present she is a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University in the counseling program giving her a well-rounded appreciation of the cultural and behavioral aspects of travel, business, as well as a firm understanding of  service and support animals. As a travel agent she is continuously attending conferences, workshops and classes to stay current on the latest dream locations to send people and their pets. As well as education on animal behavior.

Carrie’s knowledge of the travel industry has also been enriched over the years by working in the hospitality industry. She enjoyed several successful years of selling and marketing of timeshare properties with local and independent agencies, as well as creating vacations to the areas the resorts were located in. This gave her expertise in a number of popular travel destinations such as Las Vegas, New York City, Branson and Orlando.  Living all over the country in areas like Philadelphia, PA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Southern California and over 15 years in south and central Florida she is very well versed in not only popular locations to visit but also knows places off the beaten path.

Now as a happy, single mother of a 9 lb Chewnnie ( half Chihuahua, half Dachshund) Carrie has discovered the amazing benefits of travel with pets and is excited for the opportunity to help others have vacation experiences of a life time.



Chloe is a sassy Chewnnie who adopted her mom.  Left on her door step, Carrie, having a career that involved frequent traveling she was faced a serious dilemma . Take Chloe to the pound or along for the ride! 5 years and several treats later Chloe has traveled all over the world with Carrie and  is responsible for the birth of Jet Set Paws Travel Experts. known as “small Dawg” her personality is big and most everyone she meets seems to falls in love with. 


Beach Vacations

Chloe enjoying ocean views and waiting on her steak and eggs in Melbourne Beach, Fl. A great place to go with your fur baby!