pet travel

I became a Dog Mother and didn't even know I was expecting!

I had a serious problem. I loved to travel. Since I was a small child I was always on the go and loved to explore the world. Being divorced it became a little more lonely but I still had work obligations I needed to travel for. Always a cat person, I never understood all of those dog obsessed people and especially those that would have these little mutts they carried around in hand bags. I was not one of those people with magnets on their cars with paws or members of social media groups posting their dog in every pose possible.  A big reason I did not want a dog was because I saw no way to care for one and still be able to travel for work or pleasure. Unlike my self-containing cats I knew hiring a dog sitter would be expensive and sending a mutt to what I think of as “puppy jail” aka a kennel was even worse. Some of those places cost as much as a hotel room and the animals are always barking and trapped in a cold cage! Nope! Dog life was not for me. Until the doorbell rang!

 I was doing dishes. I had just returned from a vacation up north when a knock at the door when I opened the door 4 kids stood outside and one held out the most unusual looking puppy or dog I had ever seen. She had HUGE ears, was no more than 5 lbs and buldhing but sad eyes. She looked terrified as they held her out. The kids told me that they picked her up on the side of the road and thought she had fleas. They also told me they named her Chloe and asked me to keep the name. They asked me if I was the “ dog rescuer” and I quickly yelled for my soft hearted roommate that there was a puppy at the door for her! We took the little thing covered in fleas and I said I would do the human thing and take her to the vet. When they got done with her checkup they handed her back and said “ here mom”. I said “ NO! I can’t have a dog. I travel too much and besides I am a cat person. I am just doing my duty for a mutt who was on the street”.

So now I am a dog mother but that did not fix my problem. I had a huge trip coming up—a class reunion that I was performing in. I told Chloe that she was going to go with me and my dog traveling days have not stopped since. That trip to PA changed the entire way I travel.  I love jet setting around the globe with my puppy and I decided to help other people do the same thing. I discovered while traveling with her that I was not lonely. I met so many people. I felt like I was on a family vacation and now take 101 pictures of my dog in every pose. I do things with her I would not have even thought of like hiking through the red rocks of Nevada or taking a walk through a winery. We have visited beautiful parks all over, and have had champaine and strawberrys in a book store longe. Many meals eaten in places from sidewalk cafes to beach front resorts. But the best part of traveling with my fur baby is all of the people that come up to love on her. Animals give off unconditional love to all and to see her giving and receiving love and even comfort to others warms my heart beyond words. 

I knew on our first of many trips to Las Vegas that Chloe and I found a calling together. Waiting in the airport for our flight a man approached us. He was taken in by Chloes big ears and asked to pet her. She went up to him first with tag wagging and he picked her up and loved on her. They had a connection. We got on the fight and 2 hours in had to make an emergency landing. I saw that man one more time waving goodbye to us as he and his wife left the plane to greet an ambulance. It was found out that man passed away shortly after he got to the hospital. When you travel with your animal you don’t know who you or your fur baby will impact.