Oh The Places You Can Go!


Great Places to Go: Pet Friendly Places to Travel

Before when people thought about traveling with their pet it typically meant loading the dog in the back of the car and driving off to grandma’s house. Or putting the cat in a carrier just to go to the vet. JSP aims to get you wherever you dream of going and giving you ideas about places to visit you never knew you could go with your fur baby.  

More than ever hotels and resorts are catching on the to the fact that animal lovers want to travel with their pets. Many top resorts have opened their doors and hearts to the ENTIRE family! Several  have created specialized rooms with luxury amenities for your pet and an animal loving staff that welcomes your fur babies as much as they welcome you.

Jet Set Paws Travel Experts makes every effort to personally visit different locations and get to know the staff. We have found that there is a difference between a " Pets Allowed" vs. " Pet Friendly" destination. Our goal is to pair you with the best location that fits the type of animal you have. This is YOUR vacation and we will make sure you and your ENTIRE family feel like royalty on your well deserved holiday. 


 Great ways to get there : Pet Transportation

Planes, Trains and Automobiles! Now is the time to take advantage of traveling with your animal. Recently the airlines have started to put pet relief areas ( aka bathrooms ) inside the terminals at air ports and not just pet relief areas outside the airport, typically near baggage claim. Whether traveling by domestic or international air, private jets, specialty cars, trains, buses, ferry’s, boats and even cruise ships and yachts are all ready to welcome you and your pets with treats and smiles.  

Great Places to STAY: Pet Friendly Accommodations

No longer do you need to stay in inexpensive, dirty motels in order to keep your pets close. Many of which leave you with the " gift" of fleas and bed bugs. This is unacceptable.  Our Jet Set Paws clients stay in top all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, cabins, and other unique accommodations, such as house boats, cruise ships, and charming European flats. How about staying in a luxury mountain cabin where your cat can look out the window in to the gorgeous forest? Or check in to deluxe high roller suites at a casino hotels?  Ever want to stay in penthouse in New York City or London? Or for the really outrageous and adventurous stay together in a castles in Scotland or go deluxe “glamping” in South America! The options are endless. 

Great Things to DO: Pet Friendly Activities

Gone are the days when the only activities to do with your pet were to play catch, case fake mice or play tug of war with a chew rope.  At Jet Set Paws Travel Experts, we pride ourselves on locating, designing and hand picking activities that you and your pet can do together. Imagine walks on tropical beaches, or playing fetch in crystal blue waters. Hikes in amazing mountain ranges or visiting historic monuments. Shopping together in quaint European villages, dining together at beach front restaurants and indulging in luxurious spa treatments together. Jet Set Paws Travel Experts creates a custom designed itinerary based on both you and your pets.